“Another great trip! It was well-planned and well-executed. In addition to the great sights, you always plan some fun surprises. The food choices were varied and delicious. We continue to recommend TCT to all our friends.” – J & P B

“Oh, what a wondrous trip! Your care and attention to our group is outstanding!” – G & A

“Thanks for all the memories we made on the trip. You were very hospitable and the trip was very organized.”
D & J

“Top reasons I like Tom’s Christian Tours:

1. Every day on tour is a day that we heard about God’s grace and love for us. Including worship at a church on Sunday morning!
2. The tour directors are kind, nice, polite and knowledgeable.
3. Somebody else does the driving. While you enjoy the scenery.
4. Fantastic restaurants EVERY DAY!
5. Pick a spot – somebody else does all the planning!

Highly recommend TCT for your future trip!” – S.R.

“What an awesome trip this was. Thanks for being such a caring and compassionate, let alone Christian, tour company that can’t be beat!” – L & LM

“Enjoyed every minute of the tour. Learned so much.” – A.B.

"Tom's Christian Tours exists to provide quality travel experiences in a Christian atmosphere. Tours include devotions, singing, and opportunities for fellowship with old and new friends."
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